Create Wiki page for your team

  1. Create account at preferably with same username as in Hattrick
  2. Export your team data (opens in new tab).
  3. Copy everything from text area. Save images to your computer.
  4. Fallow the link at top to your wiki Page and and click "Create". (Screenshot)
  5. Paste copied text in editor and click "Save Page". You may have to solve simple math test and save again.(Screenshot, Screenshot 2)
  6. Click the missing file links to upload images for logo and team kits. Don't change "Destination filename". (Screenshot, Screenshot 2)
  7. To create images for arena and Hall of Fame players use a tool like "Snipping Tool" on Windows 7. Or make print-screens for corresponding Hattrick pages and use some image editor to crop them. Upload them same way as in previous step.

If you need help or found a bug visit application forum.